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Series - The Curious Business Guide

If you are curious about all things to do with business, The Curious Business Guide is a series of episodes that ask the experts to guide host, Rachel Cheetham, through how to address a particular business-related challenge. This series is designed to build into a large audio resource for small businesses over time.

In this episode the host talks to Rachel Hargrave of The  Awards People about why taking part is often more important than winning.

Ravi Summan Wellness

Ravi Summan is a personal trainer who practices an holistic approach to fitness and wellness that encompasses a broad range of disciplines. These podcasts explore areas such as yoga, breathing and mental health with expert practitioners.

Series 1 - Canny Conversations with Safaraz Ali

Safaraz Ali is the author of Canny Bites books, the latest being: Attract, Retain and Grow your people to grow your business. He breaks down what you need to do to get the right people, keep and engage them,  develop and build your team to create a high-performance culture for sustainable business growth. This is a series of 10 episodes.